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Reviews for Water Damage Companies - Seattle- Bellevue

Damage from Flood in my house

Yelp reviews for emergency flood damage repair

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From: The Wesleys in Renton

This company is compassionate to your situation, professional and extremely result oriented.

When they arrived I was in a panic, but Brent put me at ease and quickly moved to fix the water problem but didn’t stop there…he was determined to find out what caused it. I would highly recommend First Response Water Damage Restoration.

From: Linda W. in Renton

I experienced water damage in my home, from the upstairs ceiling down the walls. I found First Response online, and they were out within the hour. It was a harsh experience, but everything they did for me was great.

They best thing about First Response was that they were able to handle my insurance company when they were giving me problems. Brent stepped right in and handled the issue for me, which was a huge relief. They covered all the bases, and the repairs were handled to my satisfaction. I would use them again.

From: The Hamiltons in Bellevue

With two big dogs my rugs and carpets were showing some wear and tear, and spots. Brent came and did everything, including the stairs. He did a great job on my great-aunt’s giant oriental carpet and also my silk/wool rug.

I would definitely recommend Brent for carpet cleaning and any other issues in a home or office.

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